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New optical receiver for FTTH application

OD007H - optical receiver with integrated wavelength - division multiplexing (WDM) duplexer is intended to convert optical 1550 nm wave lenght carrier to SAT IF and DTT electrical signals and pass 1310 nm  & 1480 nm carriers between COM (common) and BOSA (Bi-directional Optical Sub Assembly) ports bidirectionally.
The OD007H receiver has automatic gain control (AGC) system for keeping RF output level constant. AGC range of optical input power is from 0 to -15 dBm.
LED indicates the level of input optical signal.
The receiver is powered via RF output from STB (Set-Top Box) or external 10-20 V DC power supply unit via DC IN connector.
Die-cast housing ensures great shielding.

Main features:

 optical receiver with integrated WDM
 compact optical receiver of SAT and DTT signals 
 AGC based on RF signal output level
 LED indication of RF signal level
 robust die-cast housing

     Data sheet 

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