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Compact DVB-T modulator with digital input

The MHD001 modulator encodes digital signal and modulates it into a DVB-T COFDM channel.
The excellent picture (full HD 1920*1080-30p) makes the MHD001 an ideal solution for distributing SD/HD digital signals received from any device with an digital output.
RF loop through allows combining it with other digital signals for distribution on home TV system.
The MHD001 small size and diecast metal case provides excellent electromagnetic shielding.
Finally, elegant plastic cover makes it well looking device in domestic installations.


Main features

 LED display and push buttons control
 H.264 HD encoder
 RF output frequencies 170…230 MHz & 470...862 MHz
 30 dB output level control range
 RF loop through circuit
 External power supply

 Data sheet 

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