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Quatro and twin channels IP DVB modulators

New modulators mix440, miq440 and mid420 are designed for DVB-IP signal conversion to DVB-C, DVB-T, DVB-S.
Modulators accept transport stream STPS or MTPS from IP (UDP/RTP protocols) and convert to RF.
All modulators support SAP/SDP protocol for scanning of TV programs from streamers or other IP broadcast types of equipment.

As a signal source can be used streamers sxx410C, sdi480, sti440, encoder mhi430.

modulator has 4 adjacent DVB-T output channels.
miq440 modulator has 4 adjacent DVB-C output channels.
mid420 modulator has 2 independent DVB-S output channels in a wideband frequency range of 250-2350 MHz.

All modulators can process up to 200 Mbps bitrate.

Main features:
Web-based control of the headend makes it easy to setup and
Separate IPTV and control IP interfaces
Real-time input and output parameters monitoring, bitrates
   measurement, CC monitoring of every input source
PSI management: add/change service titles, provider titles, PID,
   SID, distribute services to any output
EPG multiplexing
Software upgrade using web browser
Possibility to check online for new software releases
Possibility to save configuration to file and load configuration
   from file
Password protected control panel for multiple users
Multilingual control panel. New languages and Regions can be
   added under request
SNMP support
E-mail reports make the maintenance easier
NorDig standard support

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