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New digital SCR multiswitches

SRM522 and SRM580 - programmable 5 cable cascadable multiswitches with terrestrial TV path and dedicated DC entry port.
Implemented in compact die-cast housing the multiswitches support legacy mode, dynamic SCR mode regarding EN50494, dynamic dSCR mode regarding EN50607 and could configurated for operation in static mode with up to 32 carriers.
The multiswitch programmer PC102W allows to set the required operation mode of the multiswitch.
Intuitive graphic user interface helps to change parameters of the multiswitch: frequency plan, bandwith of user bands, output level of the carrier and etc.
The remote Wi-Fi access, with the help of PC102W, allows to modify parameters from any mobile device like smartphone or tablet PC simply using Web browser.
All mentioned above devices could be powered from power supply PS202F.

 SRM522 - 4 wide band LNB inputs, 2 SCR outputs, passive terrestrial TV path
 SRM580 - 4 quatro LNB inputs, 8 dSCR outputs, active terrestrial TV path

  SRM522 Data sheet

  SRM580 Data sheet

  PC102W & accessories Data sheet

  Application diagrams Data sheet

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