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The system of SAT TV and DTT content distribution using an optical fiber

Fiber optic distribution of television content offers such fundamental advantages like very low distribution losses and operation stability due to high immunity against external electromagnetic fields.
Signals of all  satellite TV and digital terrestrial television  (DTT) could be tailored into one thin fiber optic cable.
Possibility to use multi-fiber cables or add another optical carrier ensure highest flexibility and upgradeability of the installation.
Calculation of the system is really simple because no practically loss in fiber cables and no frequency dependence of RF parameters.
TERRA offers complete system for distribution over single mode fiber of DTT and SAT TV programs from single or several satellites.

cost effective solution  due to using of single  laser for SAT and DTT content transmitting
possibilty to feed LNB and DTT preamplifier
 stability ensured by AGC system on transmitting site and OLC system on receiving site
 21 dB optical budget

OT301 - optical transmitter of 2 SAT IF sub-bands and DTT                                    
 Data sheet

OR301M - optical receiver of 2 SAT IF sub-bands and DTT with built-in multiswitch
OR301 - optical receiver of 2 SAT IF sub-bands and DTT
 Data sheet                   

                                                                Application diagram

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