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New components added to DVB over IP streaming system

IP streamers are aimed at small to medium sized deployments of IP-based TV distribution for the Hospitality, Digital Signage and Mobile device applications, whatever the source of the TV signal is Satellite, Cable or Terrestrial broadcasts. This new low-budget range of Head End products embeds 8 tuners for Satellite reception or 4 tuners for Terrestrial and Cable reception, operates in a Multicast mode and can deliver just over 100 TV channels from multiple input sources with a total effective bit rate of 400 Mbps. The micro-headend is interoperable with compatible IPTV STBs, SAT-IP Client devices and applications and can be easily customized to work with any video display panel/terminal or mobile application that can join and decode standard multicast streams.
These products offer high density solution of free to air DVB services. Easy Web control interface through separated RJ-45 port simplifies installation procedure and increases security. Transport stream file streaming from external USB flash allows simply distribute specialized video content.

 sdi480 - eight DVB-S/S2 transponders multicast streaming
 sti440 - four DVB-T/T2/C transponders multicast streaming

 Data sheet sdi480_sti440    

IP STB is designed based on the newest NXP/Trident elemental platform for providing reception of digital TV signals, video, audio and other multimedia information transferred by packet data network using IP protocol stack. The receiver ensures Standard (SD) and High Definition (HD) video resolutions and is fully compatible with MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 standards for signals receiving, decoding and playback on TV screen, also has user-friendly menu, is easy to install and use, ensures high picture quality on TV screen. By connecting any external memory to USB ports the receiver can become a Personal Video Player. Connecting over HDMI connector it is possible to watch video in full HD resolution. You can watch video, photos from USB storage device or a computer and using HDMI output allows you to connect STB to your audio system with different digital audio decoders.

IP streamers and IP STB support the SAP/SDP protocol. This feature allows automatical installation of program list without additional middleware.

 Data sheet STB 

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