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9 cable distribution system components in new die-cast housing

MV908L, MV912L, MV916L, MV924L, MV932L
- multiswitches, powered remotely over H trunk lines, are designed for medium and large SAT IF and Terrestrial TV distribution networks. Multiswitches have integrated discrete gain regulators for each input. Terrestrial TV path has bult-in LTE signal suppression filter and is powered from central power supply that allows to watch terrestrial TV without switching on the SAT receiver.
Locally multiswitches can be powered by an external +18 V power supply.
MV908L-MV916L Data sheet
MV924L and MV932L Data sheet
MR908L, MR912L, MR916L, MR924L, MR932L - radial multiswitches are used to distribute terrestrial and SAT TV signals in star type networks  up to 32 subscribers. Multiswitches have additional passive terrestrial TV input for inserting data over coax service into the same subscribers cable. Active terrestrial TV input has built-in LTE signal suppression filter. Radial multiswitches have internal power source to feed LNBs and terrestrial TV preamplifiers.
MR908L-MR916L Data sheet
MR924L and MR932L Data sheet
SD9xx series taps and splitters for dividing nine input signals to further distribution.The components have class A shielding and high output isolation.
SD904 splitter divides each input signal to two equal way.
SDQ908 splitter divides each input signal to four equal way.
SD910 tap with 10dB tap loss.
SD915 tap with 15dB tap loss.
SD920 tap with 20dB tap loss.
Data sheet
Multichannel amplifiers SA91L, SA91DL are used in medium and large distribution networks. Terrestrial TV input has built-in LTE signal suppression filter.

Amplifiers SA91L, SA91DL have separated discrete slope and gain regulators in terrestrial and satellite TV channels.
The regulators are characterized by a good stability in regulation range and precise intermediate values.

SA91L amplifier has internal power supply to feed LNBs and terrestrial TV preamplifiers.
SA91DL powered remotely through H lines.

Data sheet

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