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New series of radial multiswitches with 9 inputs

net9 series multiswitches are used to distribute terrestrial and satellite TV signals in star-type systems with up to 16 subscribers, ensuring that each subscriber has an independent access to terrestrial TV input or any of 8 satellite TV inputs.
Radial multiswitch power source is used supply power for LNB downconverters, amplifiers of terrestrial TV antenna amplifiers and other network components.
Products come in a compact cast metal case of 4 different sizes. Construction ensures mechanical rigidity and efficient screening.

                                          Installation example

Radial multiswitches MRS904, MRS908, MRS912, MRS916 have 8 inputs for distribution of satellite TV signals, one terrestrial TV input and, depending on module, 4-16 outputs for subscribers.
Terrestrial TV flow is passive, low-loss with bidirectional signal transmission.
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