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ТV modulators MT32 and MT32C

Output channel can be easily selectable in VHF and UHF frequency bands. TV channel tables are formed according to BG/DK/Au/I/L standards. PAL, SECAM color encoding standards. Out frequency range 45...862 MHz, output level 95 dBµV.
Exceptional MT32C feature is a stereo sound in BG/DK/Au standards, generated according to STEREO A2 system. 
Switched 7/8 MHz SAW IF filter and other latest components guarantee excellent output signal characteristics. Integrated power supply and RF signal combiner facilitates installation.
Potentiometers regulate output RF signal level, audio signal deviation (MT32 only).
Control buttons change the output channel number; TV  channel tables according to BG/DK/Au/I/L standards; turn on/off test signal; fine tune output signal frequency; change ratio of video/audio carrier; turn on/off output RF signal; switch audio modes Stereo/Dual/Mono (MT32C only).
Parameters of MT32 and MT32C TV modulators are indicated in a two segment indicator.
Data sheet 


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