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Multiband amplifiers MA048LC, MA049L, MA050L, MA059 and MA071

Amplifiers combine and amplify analogue and digital TV signalsof separate bands, FM radio signals. Depending on band the gain is 30 – 35 dB and is regulated by 20 dB separately for each band.

Models that have letter "L" in the title (MA048LC, MA049L, MA050L), have integrated LTE signal attenuation filters at UHF inputs.

The picture displays characteristics of amplifier UHF band  with integrated LTE filter. From 820 MHz LTE filter attenuates the signal by at least 35 dB.

MA048LC model has two UHF inputs. UHF1 input band is reduced to 766 MHz.

Amplifiers have a possibility to supply +12 V power to the antenna amplifier over one UHF input connection. This power supply has overload and short-circuit protection. RF output level of all amplifiers is 112 dBµV, when IMD3=-60dB.

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