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5 cable distribution system components in a new die-cast casing

MV508, MV512, MV516, MV524, MV532 - multiswitches, powered remotely over H trunk lines, are designed for medium and large SAT IF and Terrestrial TV channel distribution networks. Multiswitches have integrated discrete gain regulators for each input. Terrestrial TV path is powered from central power supply. This allows to watch terrestrial TV without switching on the SAT receiver. Multiswitches can be powered by an external +18 V power supply.
MV508-MV516 Data sheet
MV524 and MV532 Data sheet
MR508, MR512, MR516, MR524, MR532 - radial multiswitches distribute terrestrial and SAT TV signals in star type systems that have up to 32 subscribers. Radial multiswitches have internal power source to power LNB downconverters, amplifiers of terrestrial TV antenna amplifiers and other network components. Satellite TV signal attenuation  in terrestrial signal ≥ 30dB, terrestrial TV signal attenuation in satellite signal ≥ 40dB. Decoupling between subscriber outputs ≥ 27dB.
MR508-MR516 Data sheet
MR524 and MR532 Data sheet
SD504 and SDQ508 splitters distribute five input line signals to further network components. Both splitters have five well insulated internal splitters for each input line.
SD504 splitter distributes each input signal to two equal parts.
SDQ508 splitter distributes each input signal to four equal parts.
Data sheet
SD510, SD515, SD520 taps are used in five input terrestrial and satellite TV channel distribution networks.
Taps have five well insulated internal taps - four for SAT TV, one for terrestrial TV lines. SD510, SD515, SD520 have different tap parameters. When based on the tap factors a suitable tap is selected, signal levels in all tap outputs are equalized.
Data sheet
Multichannel amplifiers SA51, SA51D are used in medium and large terrestrial and satellite TV channel distribution networks.
SA51 amplifier:
* equalizes strength of signals, transferred to different lines;
* depending on frequency corrects signal amplitude, recovers losses in distribution networks;
* powers LNB downconverters and other network components - interstage amplifiers SA51D, MV series multiswitches, terrestrial amplifiers, etc.
Interstage amplifier SA51D with remote power supply over coaxial network recovers losses in trunk lines of staged networks.
Amplifiers SA51, SA51D have different slope regulators of transmission characteristic in terrestrial and satellite TV channels. Discrete regulators are characterized by good stability, regulation range and unambiguous intermediate values.
Data sheet

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