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Modular fiber optical system products

Optical transmitters mo411x and mo412C are used to transmit TV signals over single mode optical fibers. 
mo411x is an optical 1310 nm wavelength transmitter. User can choose from several output power options, from 6 dBm (mo411A) to 12 dBm (mo411D).
mo412C is an optical 1550 nm wavelength transmitter. Optical output power of this transmitter is 10 dBm.
Transmitters have cooled DFB lasers with optical insulators. Direct laser current modulation. mo411x and mo412C have input signal loop through. It allows to connect several transmitters in series without using additional RF coupler. In the optical transmitters operational RF signal range is extended to 1002 GHz. User can select frequency range using control buttons: 47-8622 MHz or 47-1002 MHz. Transmitters have RF signal power meters which are used to set the optimum laser current modulation. AGC circuit ensures constant laser modulation.
mo411x and mo412C have high resolution graphic OLED display to monitor the parameters and a joystick to change them.
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Optical transmitters mo418 transmit analogue and digital TV signals over optical fiber in a 47 MHz up to 2.4 GHz frequency band. These transmitters have 1310 nm or 1550 nm wavelength 6 dBm DFB coaxial uncooled laser. Transmitters have RF input signal loop through, which allows to connect several optical transmitters in series. Internal AGC circuit ensures constant laser modulation. Transmitter parameters are set using three buttons. Indications are displayed in two segment indicator.
Technical characteristics of mo428 transmitter are identical to mo418 transmitter, except that mo428 has a second 6 dBm output.
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Optical WDM diplexers wo410 and wo420 compact optical waves and transfer signal over one fiber. These optical diplexers are used to combine ar separate 1310 nm and 1550 nm wavelength optical signal.
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Optical planar splitters so4xx are used to separate optical signal. These splitters are one of the main components of passive optical network. Optical splitters are known for their bandwidth and small loss dispersion between output channels.
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