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SAT IF converters CS4xx

CS420 converted forms two DVB-S or DVB-S2 standard digital channels.
CS440 converted forms four DVB-S or DVB-S2 standard digital channels.
Converter parameters are controlled using control device. Information between converter and control device is exchanged over TERRA BUS+ protocol.
Output level of SAT IF converters CS4xx RF signal is 90 dBμV. Level of every output channel may be regulated in range 0 ... -15 dB.
Input and output channel frequency and input band may be changed using 1 MHz step.

Input signals of SAT IF of several converters may be joined with a loop through. 
RF output signal combiner band (47-2150 MHz) allows to combine terrestrial or cable TV signals with SAT signal.
The application example indicates combination of terrestrial TV signals from selective quadruple TV amplifiers at440 (Data sheet) with SAT range signals.

CS4xx converters are powered by 12 V voltage. Converters generate LNB power supply voltages: 13 V / 18 V / 13 V 22 kHz / 18 V 22 kHz.
Data sheet

is a power supply with control unit for powering and controlling SAT IF converters CS4xx and other devices that are controlled over TERRA BUS+ protocol.
UPC411 has three 12 V output connections - two for special flat cable, used to transfer power supply for module group, and one reserve connection with clips. Three connections are used for control signals - one for special flat cable, and two micro USB-B type connections for data bus expansion. UPC411 can manage up to 64 modules.
Data sheet

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