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CABRIO LINE optical receiver OD004

Power range of receiver input optical signal is 0 ... -15 dBm. Optical receiver OD004 has automatic gain control (AGC) system, which is based on RF level support independently from optical level. Operator can select three AGC modes:
• First mode is used for operation when optical level varies from 0 to - 8 dBm. In this mode RF output signal level is 78 dBμV when optical signal OMI=4,9%.
• Second mode is proposed when optical level varies in range -6 ... -15 dBm. In this case RF output signal level is 80 dBμV when optical signal OMI = 4,9%.
• In the third mode the supported RF signal level is selected by the operator.
Optical receiver OD004 is controlled via microcontroller. All modes and parameters are set using two buttons. Parameter indications are displayed in two segment indicator. Optical receiver consumes 4 W of power. Power supply voltage ranges from 198 V to 250 V.
Data sheet

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