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This new DSB ТV modulator MT27P covers the whole TV range !

The MT27P modulator is used to convert baseband audio and video signals from a satellite receiver, video recorders, DVD player, camera into RF output signals ready to go into your cable network.

The agile double sideband MT27P modulator forms TV channels in UHF (G, K, I, L, H, M, N standards) and VHF (B, D, I, L, M, N standards) range.

MT27P modulator offers the finest high-end features, high reliability, low maintenance and excellent price. It is ideally suited for home network, motels and institutions, SMATV applications.


  • multi TV system: PAL, SECAM, NTSC
  • the whole TV range is covered by one module
  • TV signal output standards: VHF range: B, D, I, L , M , N 
                                                 UHF range: G, K, I, L, H, M, N
  • very low power consumption (230V/50Hz/3VA) and small dimensions
  • low level harmonics and intermodulation distortion less than 60 dB
  • low combining losses (less 2 dB),
  • very high quality and performance
  • video frequency response ±1 dB
  • built-in power supply
  • built-in test pattern generator
  • non-volatile channel memory
  • PLL crystal stabilization of carriers frequency
  • adjustable audio input level and RF output level
  • LED display and push buttons control of internal microprocessor

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