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DVB-C modules of mini modular headend MMH3000

These modules were added to the station MMH3000: QAM-COFDM/QAM transmodulators tcx311 and tcq311, standard definition (SD) transcoder and SD SDI encoder ac310, QAM-PAL/SECAM receiver with VSB modulator rc315, QAM-PAL/SECAM receiver with DSB modulator rc316.


TSoIP-TS-ASI converter ia310 and TS-ASI converter ia311

TERRA introduces mini modular headend MMH3000 bidirectional modules  with automatic reservation function DVB TSoIP-TS-ASI converter-switch ia310 and DVB TS-ASI converter-switch ia311.


Optical nodes OD110 and OD110D

Compact optical nodes OD110 and OD110D with integrated return path optical transmitter have a frequency band extended up to 1002 MHz. Plug-in diplexer ensures flexibility when selecting the desired return path frequency range: 30, 55, 65 or 85 MHz.


Ultra selective Twin TV channel amplifier at420

Selective double TV amplifier at420 operates in 470-862 MHz (21-69 ch.) UHF band with analogue and digital signals.


House amplifier series HA208Rxx, HD208Rxx and HA209Rxx, HD209Rxx

HA/HD208Rxx and HA/HD209Rxx series house amplifiers amplify TV signals and distribute them in medium and large size CATV networks.  HA/HD208Rxx series amplifier forward path operates up to 862 MHz. HA/HD209Rxx series amplifier forward path is extended up to 1002 MHz.


Twin TV modulators mt420 and mt420C

TERRA introduces vestigial sideband twin TV modulators mt420 and mt420C. Products have compact modular die-cast casing and can be to mounted on the wall or on standard "DIN rail".



VSB TV modulator MT31 forms TV signals in decimeter band 470 – 862 MHz (21 – 69 channels).


Line distribution amplifiers DA140 and DA140D

Amplifiers DA140 and DA140D amplify and distribute TV signal in cable TV bus networks. They have high gain factor – 40 dB in forward path and 30 dB in return path.
Line distribution amplifier DA140 with integrated 230 V~ power supply.
Line distribution amplifier DA140D with remote 24..65 V~ power supply.


MMH3000 modules - DVB-T, DVB-S/S2, DVB-ASI receivers-modulators

DVB-T-PAL/SECAM receiver with DSB modulator rt316,  DVB-S/S2-PAL/SECAM receiver with DSB modulator rd316, DVB-ASI-PAL/SECAM receiver with DSB modulator ra316 were added to the MMH3000 station.


Optical node OD010

Optical receiver with integrated return path optical transmitter OD010 as a frequency band up to 1002 MHz, is compact and consumes low power.


Masthead products

TERRA introduces products of this series: diplexers DC010, DC014 and SAT IF line amplifier SA002.


New modules of cable TV base station MMH3000

Modules were added to the cable TV base station MMH3000: DVB-T/DVB-C modulators-remultiplexers trx360 and trq360, 8PSK/QPSK-COFDM/QAM transmodulators tdx311 and tdq311, COFDM-COFDM/QAM transmodulators ttx311 and ttq311 and 3-channels MPEG2 encoder md330.


New CABRIO LINE series products

The following   series products were introduced: low power amplifier AS037P, medium power amplifier HA130, TV modulators MT57 and MT47, splitband amplifiers HS016P÷HS019P.  Latest element base used in   products ensures excellent operational characteristics.


Terrestrial TV masthead products

Construction of new masthead products consists of small die-cast casing, covered by a plastic housing. Masthead products are for outdoor use. They can be conveniently placed on antenna mast or on the wall. In this series of products TERRA introduces: diplexers DC01X, TV band amplifiers AB00X and multiband amplifiers MA06X.


17 cable system radial multiswitch MSR1716

MSR1716 - 17 input and 16 output radial multiswitch for distribution of analogue and digital, satellite and terrestrial TV signals in a collective TV network using a "star" configuration. Terrestrial TV signal frequency range is  47-862, satellite TV - 950-2400 MHz.


Twin DVB-S/S2 receiver with ASI outputs rd212

DVB-S/S2 standard digital satellite TV receiver rd212 for CMH3000 cable station receives QPSK and 8PSK modulation signals, demodulates and outputs transport stream over ASI outputs, decodes and converts MPEG2 standard signals to analogue PAL or SECAM video and audio output signals.


CABRIO LINE splitband HSA001 series amplifiers

Medium power splitband amplifiers with integrated 230 V~ power supply amplifies satellite TV intermediate frequency and terrestrial TV signals.


Mast UHF band amplifiers AB01X

Amplifiers AB01X amplify UHF band signals emitted from antenna. Integrated amplifier filters attenuate RF signals outside the band range.


New products introduced in CABRIO LINE series

series products – optical receiver OD003, apartment amplifier AS039, multiband medium power amplifiers MA046, MA047 and masthead product accessories – remote power supplies PI007, PI008, PI009.


1550 nm wavelength optical transmitters mo212x and MOS212x

mo212x and MOS212x series optical transmitters with direct modulation cooled 1550 nm DFB laser transfer digital (QAM), and analogue TV signal over up to 15 km long optical lines.


17 cable system cascadable MS1708 and radial MSR1708 multiswitches

17 input and 8 output multiswitches distribute analogue and digital satellite and terrestrial TV signals in collective TV network. They are compact and allow a separate regulation of output signal level for every pair of subscriber outputs.


Cable TV base station MMH3000 modules

Digital TV channel converter ct311 and analogue TV demodulator dt311 were added to the mini modular headend MMH3000.


TERRA introduces new product series CABRIO LINE

New product series  has a modern and compact design. Latest element base ensures excellent operational characteristics.


House amplifier series HX207RXJ with frequency band up to 1002 MHz

HX207RXJ series house amplifiers amplify TV signals and distribute them in medium and large size cable TV networks. 


MMH3000 station module - FМ radio amplifier af310B

New module was added to cable TV base station MMH3000 - FM radio amplifier af310B.


TERRA - F1 among multiswitches


New TV channel converter modules for mini modular headend MMH3000

The modules ct310, ct310V and ct310U are intended to use in the MMH3000 headend for converting of analog, DVB-C or DVB-T channel TV to another TV channel.


New components of 9 cable SAT IF system– multiswitches MSV924, MSV932 and MSR924, MSR932

TERRA introduces new multiswitches with big number of subscribers’ outputs:
  MSV924 and MSV932 remotely powered multiswitches;
  MSR924 and MSR932 radial multiswitches with integrated power supply.


New optical receiver OD120 for FTTx applications

The contemporary OD120 is a high output level optical receiver with possibility to monitor and control all key parameters via Ethernet.


Transmodulators td111 (DVB-S) and td113 (DVB-S/S2) are new modules of CMH3000 headend

New transmodulators convert DVB-S (td111) and DVB-S/S2 (td113) QPSK/8PSK modulated SAT IF signals into QAM modulated DVB-C RF channel.


New digital 19" headend system RMH3000

19" headend system is intended for reception and transfer DVB-S of signals to a digital or analogue format. 19" units are designed with integrated power supply, control panel, keyboard & display for control. All of units are interconnected among themselves by control via the standardized data bus CMH Master.


Splitband medium power amplifiers of HSA100 series

New splitband medium power amplifiers of HSA100 series are designed in splitband technology for amplification or combining signals of SAT IF and terrestrial TV bands.


New high power splitband amplifier HS200

New splitband amplifier HS200 with separate gain and slope adjustments in VHF and UHF ranges


HA204 - New series of high power house amplifiers

HA204 series of high power house amplifiers with interstage attenuator and equalizer and with switchable active/passive return path.


New ASI-PAL/SECAM receiver-modulator modules

New receivers-modulators ra110A, ra110B, ra110C, ra110E converts DVB-ASI MPEG2 coded transport stream signal into analogue PAL or SECAM program.


AS035 - apartment amplifier

Let us introduce you apartment amplifier AS035.


HA128R30, HA128R65 - new house amplifiers

Discover  new house amplifiers HA128R30, HA128R65.


SA502 - new launch amplifier

Discover SA502 - new launch amplifier for amplifying of 4 SAT IF and terrestrial TV signals.


MA201, MA202, MA203 - up to 5 inputs multiband amplifiers

We would like to introduce MA201, MA202, MA203, up to 5 inputs multiband amplifiers.


Taps SS910, SS915, SS920 and splitters SS904, SSQ908

2 (SS904) and 4 way (SSQ908) splitters and 1 way taps (SS910, SS915, SS920) with different tap loss values of 8 SAT IF sub-bands + terrestrial TV signals.


MSV908, MSV912, MSV916 - new components of 9 cable system

New series of remotely powered multiswitches MSV9xx,  which are designed for large installations of 9 cable system (SAT IF distribution system).


Compact optical receiver OD001 for cost sensitive installations!

OD001 is a new, modern optical receiver designed for Fiber-To-The-Home applications. It is build in a compact lightweight robust die-cast housing.


Compact optical receiver OD100

Compact optical receiver OD100 is a new, modern, microprocessor controlled optical node designed for Fiber-To-The-Home applications.


New mini modular headend system MMH3000!

This new MMH3000 series headend is compact solution for the distribution of DVB-S and DVB-T signals for SMATV and small CATV networks.


New radial multiswitches MSR9XX

TERRA presents a new series of 9 inputs multiswitches. They are designed for distributing SAT and terrestrial TV signals for star distribution systems in frequency range 47-862/950-2400 MHz.


Mini optical receiver OD002 with microprocessor control and high output level

Mini optical receiver OD002 is a new, modern, microprocessor controlled optical node designed for Fiber-To -The-Home applications. This one has 12 dB higher output level comparing to OD001A optical node.


New series of medium power house amplifiers HA127

We are pleased to announce our new HA127 series of medium power amplifiers for amplifying and distributing TV signals in small and medium size home TV networks. They are built-in a lightweight robust die-cast housing.


Mini optical receiver with microprocessor control OD001A

Mini optical receiver OD001A is a new, modern, microprocessor controlled optical nodes designed for Fiber-To -The-Home applications.


New high performance optical transmitter mo211 for CMH3000

Optical transmitter mo211 is one of the new modules of the CMH3000 headend system. It is high performance optical analog transmitter 1310 nm weavelength for forward path transmission of broadcast analog services.


OFDM-PAL/SECAM receivers-modulators rt110X

OFDM-PAL/SECAM receivers-modulators are new modules of  the headend system CMH3000. The rt110A, rt110B, rt110C, rt110E are DVB-T TV receivers with conditional access module slot and multistandard frequency agile VSB modulators. 


Free software SatNet for simulation of SAT IF networks

This simulation freeware software SatNet is intended to facilitate designing of SAT IF distribution networks on the base of multiswitches of company TERRA.


Three outputs - more possibilities! New house amplifier AS034

We are pleased to announce the AS034 as the new apartment amplifier suitable for use in small size home TV networks. It is built-in а compact metal-plastic housing.


Big on quality but low-cost house amplifier HS014A!

This new house amplifier HS014A is the new splitband amplifier suitable for use in small size home TV networks. This amplifier is built in a compact metal-plastic housing.


New mast multiband amplifiers MA053, MA054

New mast multiband amplifiers MA053, MA054 are now available from company TERRA. They are designed for combination and balancing of the signals from up to 5 TV antennas. They are intended for mast mounting.


New series cascadable multiswitches and line amplifier

New series of cascadable multiswitches MS404xxx, MS408xxx and line amplifier SA412


New cascadable multiswitches MS135x and MS175x

Compact cascadable multiswitches:
13 cable systems:
MS1351 - through line 13 inputs x 4 outputs multiswitch, MS1352 - end line 13 inputs x 4 outputs multiswitch.
17 cable systems:
MS1751 - through line 17 inputs x 4 multiswitch, MS1752 - end line 17 inputs x 4 outputs multiswtch.


QPSK-PAL/SECAM receiver with ASI output rd112

rd112 is a new module for compact modular headend system CMH3000. The rd112 is DVB-S TV receiver with conditional access module slot and DVB-ASI output.


New modules for headend system CMH3000

TERRA presents new modules for compact modular headend system CMH3000: FM radio amplifiers af110x, NICAM encoder md110A and output amplifiers UA200Rxx.


New modern compact modular headend system CMH3000

This new modern CMH3000 compact modular headend system processes terrestrial, satellite TV and FM radio signals for community reception instalations.


The cheapest way to connect two or four satellite dishes to one receiver!

We are pleased to introduce 2-way SW201 and 4-way SW401 DiSEqC switches.


This new DSB ТV modulator MT27P covers the whole TV range !

The MT27P modulator is used to convert baseband audio and video signals from a satellite receiver, video recorders, DVD player, camera into RF output signals ready to go into your cable network.


New VSB TV modulators MT30A, MT30B, MT30C

We are pleased to announce the newest VSB ТV modulators MT30A, MT30B and MT30C, intended to form TV channels in VHF and UHF range. The МТ30А is intended to form ТV channels of L and D/K standards in VHF and UHF range. The МТ30B is intended to form ТV channels of B/G and I standards in VHF and UHF range. The МТ30C is intended to form ТV channels of B/G A2 stereo in VHF and UHF range.


New radial multiswitches MSR5xx

A new series of radial multiswitches MSR5xx are designed for installations of star distribution system of 4 SAT IF polarities and terrestrial signal. These multiswiches are available in four versions with 4, 8, 12 or 16 subscriber outputs.


New house amplifier HA013

We are pleased to announce the newest medium power amplifier HA013 as suitable for use in small and medium size home TV networks.


New series of remotely powered multiswitches MSV5xx

A new series of remotely powered multiswitches MSV5xx is an optimal solution for large installations of modern SAT IF distribution systems.


New series of passives SS5xx

This new series is specially designed for passive distribution of 4 SAT IF and terrestrial TV signals. It consists of two-way splitter SS504 and 3 models of taps: SS510, SS515, SS520 differing from each other in tap loss.


New house amplifier HA023

A new medium power house amplifier HA023 is now available from company TERRA.


New distribution amplifier DA1x3

TERRA introduces a new series of professional CATV amplifiers DA1x3. They are intended for installations requiring high levels of reliability combined with the total flexibility of a modular design.


New series of distribution amplifier DA1x6

A new series of distribution amplifiers DA1x6 is designed for use as the last active element in a distribution network.


New compact in-house amplifier BA203U

A new compact in-house amplifier BA203U is designed for amplifying and distributing TV signals in CATV networks. Built in a modern die-cast housing and based on GaAs push-pull technology the amplifier ensures stability and high performance in a cost-effective way.


New series of distribution amplifier DA2xx

A new series of distribution amplifiers DA2xx is launched. Built in IP64 die-cast housing and provided with a wide range of plug-ins, they are designed for universal use in CATV networks.

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